Join me on an african safari or photography workshop!


Lead photographic guide at

I am a trained guide by profession, but was born a photographer. 

Do you have a dream Safari in mind? Or maybe even just an idea that could spark a holiday of a lifetime? Then why not join me and

use my years of experience in the guiding and hospitality industry to conceptualise the perfect safari for your needs. 

My safaris are built for photographers, however you don't need to be one to enjoy them.

With the countless and varied species of wildlife, amazing landscapes and all ranges of accommodation requirements, it can be tough deciding

where to go for your trip, so why not make a simple start by contacting me here or fill in the form below. 



What makes a photographic safari special?

My photographic safari feature

  • Photographic or editing tuition depending on your skill level

  • Private vehicles to allow you room to move and get creative

  • Photography talk, albeit casual or sit down workshops which lead into each day’s activities

  • In field ideas, suggestions and informal instruction on photography

  • Custom accommodation in safari lodges to suit your preference, from rustic to luxury

  • Safaris targeting species or images you as the photographer are looking for

  • An environment conducive to learning from one another—no question is off limits, no inquiry too basic

  • Destinations to the most scenic places, with the most abundant wildlife!



Some of the common destinations are listed below, but don't think it ends there. The sky is the limit and absolutely anywhere is possible.


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What locations would you like to visit during your safari?
Do you have specific animals you want to see, specific images you want to make or types of activities you must do?