Ordering Prints by lance van de vyver…

Lance has chosen to use Art Of Print as his printer of choice. Their stunning selection of print media and framing options are second to none. All images found on lancevandevyver.com can be purchased on any media and any size. To begin your image ordering process contact Lance directly on lancevandevyver@gmail.com


Canvas prints using Ilford Galerie Prestige Canvases, a high quality selection of white canvases with a smooth woven surface. These canvases offer stunning colour reproduction thanks to a wide colour gamut that enhances rich colours and provides deep, dense blacks. Featuring a 1:1 weave structure for high-quality graphic art applications, the structure of the fabric enhances the decorative effect making it perfect for framed art without edge cracking.The canvas is water resistant and is finished with a water based varnish to seal the surface and extend UV resistance. 


Matte fine art paper

Ilford Galerie Prestige Lustre is a heavy weight, high-quality 260gsm inkjet photographic paper offering accurate reproductive qualities, extended longevity and a robust surface for exceptional yet durable prints. The lustre surface is perfect for every type of image genre from stunning portraits and scenic landscapes to wildlife, mono conversions, abstracts, macros or architecture.

Glossy fine art papers

Ilford Galerie Prestige Gloss has a smooth glossy surface with a broad colour gamut for brilliant and accurate colour reproduction making it an ideal medium for high quality photographic paper prints. It also boasts an extended longevity and a robust surface for exceptional and durable prints.

Ilford Galerie Prestige Metallic Gloss is a 260gsm resin-coated photographic paper with an iridium finish that adds a three-dimensional look, bringing every image to life. It is suitable for creating display and exhibition prints, and even prints for photo albums and portfolio work with impact. Although the media adds an additional creative angle to portrait and studio photography, it also lends itself perfectly to enhancing mechanical, industrial or architectural images.


DiaMount® is an innovative method to mount the face of the photo to acrylic or iron-free glass with special UV inhibited silicone rendering a high gloss appearance and 3D-like effect enriched with vibrant colours and deep blacks. We use fine art paper for the most exceptional rendering of your image. The final product is stable and can withstand temperature and humidity changes. This process is free of bubbles and silvering often found when using double-sided adhesive.